In 1940 a group of refugees, escaping from the rule of Nazism in Austria, was allowed to settle outside Aberdeen in Scotland. Karl König, a medical doctor among them, showed a new way to create community with and around children, and later on, adults with learning disabilities.

The Camphill communities throughout the world are based upon and inspired by anthroposophy as expressed by Rudolf Steiner. The understanding and acceptance of the spiritual uniqueness of each human being, regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender or disability, is the basis for Anthroposophy, and so also for Camphill.

The Camphill places have no financial or organisational links. Each Camphill place in the world is independent and relates only to the laws and regulations in the country where it is situated. Some countries support their Camphill places fully financially; in other countries one is dependent on donations. Camphill Rožkalni has as yet no financial support from Latvian authorities and we are totally dependent on gifts and donations if our work shall be able to continue into the future. At present the running expenses of the village are covered by contributions.