How to become a co-worker

Camphill was created by volunteers and is carried by volunteers. We are dependent upon young volunteers who come and live together with us for a shorter or longer time period. We can suggest a very interesting time together with us. This time is full with challenges, one can learn to know one’s self in various situations. If you are willing to meet these challenges, if you are prepared to learn new things, if you want to try to stay without TV, alcohol, and any kind of drugs, if you want to be creative and artistic in social life you are welcome to share with us in this camphill life.

The volunteer will have some responsibilities in the house-community –cooking, helping to clean or providing care and help to those who might need it. Each house has a responsible co-worker or two who are primarily responsible for the well-being of the volunteer and the mentally handicapped.

We experience that living in community provides greater flexibility to cater to each individual’s needs for privacy and free time. In specific areas of work tuition is given i.e. hand-milking, cheese-making.



We normally get up at 07.00 with breakfast at 08.00. At 9:00 here is work in the houses, on the farm and land and when we have a workshop possibility, also there. We have a break at 11.00, and work on ‘till 13:00 with lunch served. The break is from 14:00 until 15.00 and work carries on until 17.45 with supper is at 18.15. As we still are a small community we cook the main meals in the larger house.



We have a variety evening activities during the week, such as singing, art, sport, a Village-meeting, the occasional visit to the movies or a concert, sauna, and a bible-evening on Saturdays. Individual initiatives are encouraged, but must of course in some way fit into the totality. Most of these activities would be with the villagers. Volunteers that play an instrument are encouraged to bring it along. Music is an important part of our life!

We have many visitors to Rozkalni, from many parts of the world, as well as having a good contact with the surrounding community, so there is good opportunity to meet people from outside the village.

Volunteers usually get at least one full, free weekend each month (where it is possible to leave the village) although we are flexible about freetime. Otherwise the village is their home and they have much free time in the village.



An on-going study of Anthroposophy takes place, open to those wishing to join. As already mentioned, we have every Saturday evening, as a conclusion to the week, what we call a bible evening. It is a festive meal– where we try to have a conversation which is raised a bit above the daily trivialities; then we read a short passage from the New Testament, and whoever that might have a thought or a comment is free to share it, or maybe just to be silent.

All of the functions of the volunteers are part of the communtiy life and are not employment substitution.



Volunteers will be assigned a person to whom she or he may turn, when in need. Otherwise we live together very closely, so one is mostly able to take up and resolve issues on the spot.

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